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La Galerie Vincent

Fine and Delectable Arts! Pastry Chef Vincent Caradonna believes that Art feeds Art. He opens his Main Street space for local artists to show their work because the display of talent inspires him. Clients who come in for a delicacy also find as a bonus a feast for the eyes. It’s a fine way to develop a taste for the Arts in Greenville.

La Galerie Vincent is curated independently by a well-established Greenville artist.


Current Exhibit


I have been an artist and designer for more than forty years. I earned my BFA from the University of Illinois (Champaign-Urbana) and completed my MFA at Indiana University (Bloomington).

My early work was in ceramics. I exhibited my work in porcelain and stoneware extensively in the US and was selected to be part of the "American Porcelain, New Expressions in an Ancient Art" that traveled world wide from the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC

In 2000 I began painting and printmaking and transitioned from ceramics during the following year.

moved from Connecticut to Greenville, SC in 2008 and opened a painting studio in the old mill Village of West Greenville. My studio is now located in the Greenville Center for Creative Arts


Past Exhibit

Danielle Fontaine

STILL TIME   –    March 12 – June 11, 2108

Danielle Fontaine’s encaustic work considers the enduring question of what we elect to keep or preserve and the reasons why, and invites reflection on what, or whom, we discard along the way. With its essential process of fusing after application, encaustic (hot wax) painting does not lend itself easily to straight line work. Learning to control this process is an attempt at harnessing wandering thoughts and reframing unspoken absences.

Danielle Fontaine is a studio artist at the Greenville Center for Creative Arts in the Village of West Greenville.


Danielle Fontaine - AlongTheWay.JPG
Danielle Fontaine - Architect II.JPG